Dental Services

Dental Services in Lynn MA

At Alegre Dental your smile is our #1 priority. Alegre Dental, located in Lynn and greater Boston, is committed to applying only the latest advancements in dental technology. Whether you are having routine dental work or are opting for more detailed procedures, we are there to help you to maintain or improve your smile. Here is a what we provide:

Standard Dental Procedures

At Alegre Dental we are pleased to offer our years of experience in helping our clients maintain impeccable oral health and that includes a bright and decadent smile. Children and adults can visit our Lynn office and receive services such as routine cleanings, basic tooth cavity filling, tooth bonding & reconstruction, teeth whitening, implants, root canal procedures and other standard procedures.

Teeth Whitening in Lynn

Be happy to show off your pearly whites, without having to undergo any harmful or evasive procedures. You have the option to whiten your teeth at our Lynn office or in the comfort of your home. One thing that our customers have said about our teeth whitening procedure is they never thought that they could have white teeth that keep them smiling.

Tooth-Colored Restorations Lynn, MA

If you have ever had silver or amalgam fillings done in the past, you are well aware of their unattractive qualities. To help you obtain a beautiful and white smile without the use of mercury containing amalgam fillings we offer tooth-colored restoration treatments to our clients. All of the composites that we utilize for your smile are mercury free, durable and guaranteed to provide long lasting surface color matched to your smile. If you are looking for mercury-free fillings for you or your children, or you seek to replace amalgam filling with mercury free fillings allow Alegre Dental Office to be your local solution.