Dental Crowns in Lynn

Bring on the Crowns for a Great Smile

Although it may seem like an obvious pun on the old song, if you were to say “Bring on the Crowns” at Alegre Dental Office in Lynn, you would be bringing a patient’s smile back to life and, possibly bettering the quality of the patient’s life.

Dental Crowns in Lynn, MA

General referred to as caps, a series of crowns are what are being placed on the teeth of a patient. The patient who has had the crowns put in place, for the most part, will have a small part of their original tooth remaining. A much larger percentage of the tooth is replaced; and rebuilt into an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Why are crowns used? In some circumstances, an individual’s tooth may be weakened due to prior dental work. Some patients may also find it necessary to have procedures performed in order to have a tooth restored to an adequate size or shape, or in order to provide additional support to this specific area as well. Some dental procedures may need to be performed in order to make-over a tooth.

A crown is defined as a type of dental restoration procedure that can be performed by a trained dentist to encircle a tooth or a dental implant. Typically bonded to a patient’s tooth by using a special type of dental cement, crowns can be made from a variety of different materials. Most of the materials are fabricated using some indirect methods.

In order to prepare a patient’s tooth for a crown, the original tooth must be removed significantly. However, it is imperative that all patients that are having a crown procedure understand that different dentists tend to use different procedures when erecting crowns inside of a patient’s mouth.

More than one visit is required in order for a patient to complete a dental crown procedure. The additional time that is required for one of these procedures can be seen as a disadvantage for some patients, however, the end results make up for the elongated period of waiting time for these crowns to be inserted.

The average lifespan that is predicted for a crown is 10 years. However, even though dentists will guesstimate that your crown will last for a decade there are some individuals that have had their crowns last a lifetime.

Porcelain crowns can be used to improve the appearance of a tooth ( or in some cases multiple teeth). However, crowns are only used in conjunction with prior teeth repairs and are generally not a cosmetic dental procedure. With crowns, a person must have their tooth shaved down. People who suffer from weak or broken teeth are the perfect candidates for crowns. Crowns are traditionally a simple replacement technique that dental professionals can choose to use, but the procedure will not protect a patient’s tooth in the same manner that other dental procedures may.

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