Dental Insurances Accepted

MassHealth Dentist Lynn, MA

Research shows that more than half of our American population lives without dental insurance. However, the fact that dental problems account for a major share of medical issues for any ordinary family is undeniable. Moreover, apparently harmless dental problems may lead to other chronic troubles such as heart disease and diabetes. One of the major reasons for such an ignorance of dental insurance is the relative difficulty in finding a dentist who would accept MassHealth/Medicaid. But, the solution to your problems is now easy. We here at Alegre Dental, located in Lynn, MA provide excellent treatment for your dental problems and also accept several Medicaid plans available in the market. We also encourage relatively new Medicaid plans such as the new Massachusetts provider Evercare which offers “Preventative dental care including routine check-ups and cleaning every 6 months (dentures are covered once every five years or more often if medically necessary)”

Private Dental Insurance Accepted: Aetna, Altus, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Delta Dental, Evercare, Guardian, MassHealth, Metlife, Principal, Sun Life Financial, United Healthcare Dental, and Unicare

Dental insurance is an effective way to tide over dental expenditures and the rapid increase in the number of such Medicaid plans is helping people to choose from the ones that most suit their needs. Here at Alegre, we maintain a harmonious balance between the dental services that we offer and the different ways in which we may help our clients with their dental insurance. We understand the requirements of patients who may not be able to bear the entire cost of dental procedures and accordingly accept Medicaid. Among the various that we accept are Aetna, Altus, Evercare, Cigna, Guardian, Metlife, MassHealth, Principal, Sun Life Financial, United Healthcare Dental, and Unicare. Also, we accept Anthem of MA and other states, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA and other states, and Delta Dental of CA, MA, RI, and other states. These insurance plans are some of the most commonly used as well as those that mostly cover all basic dental issues.

As useful as it is, dental insurance plans may be as good as none if the right dentist, who will work with your plan, is unavailable. As difficult as it is to decide upon the type of Medicaid you need and then finally finding and getting the work done, the challenge then is to locate the dentist who will accept your MassHealth/Medicaid. It is the case that several doctors refuse to work with Medicaid owing to the low remuneration (aka, payment per project) they get out of such a job. All the more, patients often have doubts as to whether those dentists who do accept Medicaid are good enough.

Any such fears are kept at bay at Alegre Dental and we assure all our clients of our service. Our staff is highly professional and courteous and excellently trained to handle any dental crisis. We make use of the latest technology in handling dental problems and lay great importance on our understanding of the problem as well as of the specific needs of the patient. The goodwill of our patients is of the foremost value to us. Dental Insurance is issued to help people tide over dental difficulties and we consider it a responsibility on our side to help you by working with your MassHealth/Medicaid.