Dental, Teeth Implants: Lynn, MA

At times, a serious tooth problem can mean the loss of that tooth and that can leave a hole in your smile. Dental implants, available at the Alegre Dental: a cosmetic dentist in Lynn, are the answer to this problem.

Referred to as “osseointegrated implants,” an implant is made of an oral-friendly substance that is implanted into your jaw so that new bone can grow around the new implant. Implant dentistry is defined as a type of artificial tooth replacement method that is used to counteract against tooth loss. Dental implant procedures are generally classified as prosthetics; however, this procedure can also be cosmetic as it restores your smile.

Dental implants are generally cylindrical and are made of titanium or metal that is also as bio-compatible. These materials are also lightweight. In most cases, where a patient has sustained extensive tooth loss, a tooth implant may be the only option available to provide not only a great smile and self-confidence, but more importantly also provides patients with the ability to be able to chew, talk, and go about their normal daily lives.

Dental implants have advantages that include:

  • Providing a permanent solution for an individual who has lost any teeth.
  • Providing support for dental work that a patient has performed in the past.
  • Providing support for a dental crown that replaced a missing tooth
  • Providing support for a dental bridge that had replaced multiple missing teeth
  • Reducing gum irritation when used alongside dentures to increase their stability.

Implant dentistry may sound as if it is a major, complicated surgery, however, most of our patients do not experience any discomfort when having this procedure performed.

The Alegre Dental is one of the few facilities to use the new “Teeth in a Day” program. While this program does take time, a patient arrives at our office needing extensive work and leaves the same day with a full set of teeth. This procedure can be performed by the skilled team at Lynn Cosmetic Dentist Office.

If you believe that dental implants for teeth may be perfect for you, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation today.