Root Canals

Root Canal in Lynn, MA

At Alegre Dentist in Lynn, we have a number of staff experts with years of experience in the root canal area of dental services.

Root Canal in Lynn, MA

Root canals occur in teeth that are cracked or decayed, making them susceptible to infection. Having found that extreme infection can lead to tooth loss, we work to prevent that occurrence by using endodontic therapy — root canal surgery. Endodontic therapy may be the only cure.

There are two instances where a person must have root canal surgery performed:

  1. If there is an infection
  2. If the patient has had extensive damage or trauma to the tooth that cannot be fixed by ordinary filling

Too many patients have the idea that a root canal means that canals will be drilled into a too. Nothing could be further from the tooth as each tooth contains between two and four canals that anchor the tooth to the gum. These canals can become infected and when they do, the primary therapy is a root canal. Each canal is filled with tissue called pulp that can become infected. If this happens then endodontic therapies (root canals) are called for.

During a root canal surgery, an individual’s root canal is exposed with a drill, and the pulp that has become infected is extracted. The empty space in the tooth is filled with a barium-treated substance. This substance helps ensure that the procedure can be confirmed by using an X-ray. The filling will be sealed, generally with a crown in order to eliminate the chance of any further infection in the tooth from occurring.

However, be aware that even though most root canal surgeries can be performed in one visit, there are some surgeries that require that the patient return for additional visits to get this issue rectified. The number of visits you have is dictated solely by your own condition.

Root canals are extensive procedures that can often lead to other complications. For example, once a root canal is opened for treatment:

  • Oxygen or air may trigger some bacterial growth in your mouth
  • Bacterial growth can spur other growth and cause swelling and pain in the area being treated

Alegre Dental is highly experienced with treating such and is, therefore, ready to apply their experience and knowledge in giving you the quality care possible during such a procedure. Inflammation and extreme discomfort are a few other symptoms that could occur when having a root canal procedure performed. Your endodontist will keep you as comfortable as possible by:

  • Numbing the area as extremely as possible
    Ensuring no bacteria is swept into the area the procedure is being performed on

If you presently have a cracked or decayed tooth and are presently experiencing extreme pain and discomfort, feel free to contact us for an appointment today. We will help you decide which procedure will work for you.