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Alegre Dental - Family Dental Office is very conveniently located at 160 Market St., in Lynn, on the North Shore. Situated at the very middle in the downtown, you can reach us just minutes of walking from many of the local neighborhoods. If you plan to come by bus, not to worry. Our family dental center is conveniently located next to the bus stop (Lynn Central Sq), reaching us is not a problem.

Our Doctors: Dr. George Enescu, Dr. Tony Hong, Dr. Manpreet Sidhu, Dr. Seong Wook Jeong and Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy.

Dentist in Lynn MA

Affordable Dentist in Lynn

We clearly understand how hesitant you might be to visit a dentist. Is lack of insurance the cause if this? If your hesitation is because of insurance related issues we suggest you contact us. We offer affordable dental care to those who are feeling the pinch of not having dental insurance. We have a very strong mission of keeping our dental services affordable. No patient should miss the opportunity to get their dental problems solved. We have payment models and service plans to help you get the quality dental care you need at a price that won't destroy your wallet. Current finances should not stand in the way of getting the personalized dental treatment at the appropriate time.

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Lynn Dental Care

Now that your fears and obstacles have been put aside there should be no reason to wait to have your smile maintained. At Alegre Dental Office in Lynn MA, our professionals are here to eliminate all of your problems or hesitations. Good dental health is vital and we want nothing to stand in the way of allowing our clients to experience great dental care. Having your very own personal family dentist who can identify and solve your dental problems, and without stress, is very important.

Dental Services Lynn Massachusetts 

As a part of our general dentistry services, we offer dental fillings, root canals, dental crowns and implants, dental bridges and bonding.

The dentists from Lynn Family Dental Center also know that many determine someone’s overall good health just by looking at their beautiful smile. So our Lynn dental office experenced in a combination of a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to address this very need. This also plays into avoiding gum disease, pocketing issues, or other infection issues.

Cosmetic Dentist North Shore

Cosmetic Dentistry

If teeth whitening is a desire we are experienced professionals in applying  tooth whitening treatment. The entire treatment procedure can be completed in an hour right in our clinic location. This assuredly deliver the brightest and most perfect naturally beautiful smile.

Apart from beautifying your teeth, Lynn family dental center loves to serve your overall physical health by taking the quality possible care of your oral and dental health. So we vow to offer the personlized dental treatments periodically at the most affordable prices.

Lynn Family Dentist

The Family Dental Center in Lynn, MA offers discounts, special deals on dental services. Senior citizens can enjoy many of these discount benefits from our practice. We are waiting to provide you the absolute brightest smile possible. Contact us soon with any questions. We are here for the health of your family's dental needs.

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